Saliva test may predict depression risk in boys

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LONDON -- A saliva test for teen boys with mild symptoms of depression might help identify those who will develop major depression later in life, according to new research.

British researchers measured levels of the so-called “stress hormone” cortisol in teenage boys, and found that ones with high levels coupled with mild depression symptoms were up to 14 times more likely to suffer clinical depression later in life than those with low or normal cortisol levels. The test was tried on teenage boys and girls, but found to be most effective with boys.

Research Draws Links between Depression and Stroke Risk in Women

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New research has drawn links between depression in women and a heightened risk of suffering a stroke. Experts from the US looked at the cases of over 80,000 women and reached the conclusion that where depression was a factor, the risk of stork increased by an alarming 29%.

Facts About Depression Treatment

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When we think about mental illness, we and most people are often hesitant to consult a doctor, physician or health professional. Yet tһe quick diagnosis of depression treatment is crucial if any sort of relief is to be had. Оne problem is tһat if tһe depression treatment isn’t administered correctly, tһen tһe situation can go from bad to worse. Depression treatment sһoulԁ address all tһe symptoms tһat are visible. Some of the most common symptoms of depression are suicidal tendencies, long black moods of sadness, anԁ a complete lack of self confidence. Most depression treatments are very difficult wһen tһe patient anԁ tһe family of the patient are not co-operative.

Depression Symptoms Are Not Always What You Expect

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Depression is one of the most widely-spread mental health problems in our society. Yet a large percentage of people afflicted with this problem go undiagnosed. This is costly in both human and financial terms. For instance, depression symptoms can lead to a number of other health problems caused by over-eating, alcohol abuse or just poor physical fitness due to loss of interest in life. These and other coping mechanisms that people employ are often costly and self-destructive.

The Causes of Depression

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Depression – is a complex psychological disorder that has no single cause. Typically, the causes of depression is triggered by a variety of reasons, and they can be both obvious and hidden.

Scientists have isolated a number of major factors causing the depression. First of all, it’s – heredity. The chances of falling into depression in children whose parents suffer from illness or suicidal tendencies, much higher than in children from the “healthy” families. Studies have shown that there are genetic predisposition to the symptoms of manic-depressive psychosis. In addition, if a family member suffers from depression, it is transferred to the homely atmosphere – a feeling trap when there is no place to hide and unwittingly becomes a child hostage of depression.

What are the signs of depression

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Many people around the world suffer from depression each day. Depression is also known as a mental disturbance condition. This condition typically makes it hard to have an interest in life or keeping concentration for a long period of time. Depression is nothing to be ashamed about but needs to be treated by a medical provider as soon as symptoms start.

There are many signs of depression that can be found in people. Some of the common signs are lack of energy, fatigue, weight changes, feeling guilty or hopeless, and suicidal thoughts. Sleep disturbance and a loss of interest to do activities that you once enjoyed can also be a big sign of depression. Men and woman can both experience depression but women often show their symptoms more frequently.

What is Depression

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What is depression? It is the body and includes your body, mood and thoughts. Depression affects how the things in your daily life. Then, how to sleep, eat, think about themselves and how social interactions with others. When depressive disorders can be painful and very hard to deal with yourself, is not the same thing as blue mood or lower on the day.

Depression is a serious illness, and if you know someone, or if you yourself suffer from symptoms of depression, I urge you to ask for help. Appropriate treatment can help most people with depressive disorders.