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Rivotril 2mg Clonazepam Buy 90 – Tablets


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Rivotril 2mg clonazepam


The drug is indicated for treating panic disorder with or without square fear. Panic disorder is characterized by the occurrence of unexpected panic attacks and the accompanying worry about further attacks and the implications and consequences of the attacks and very good for the Medicine for Anxiety and Depression

It can also play a single or adjunctive role in treating Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (minor seizure type) and motor and myoclonic seizures. In addition, it may be indicated for patients with absence seizures (minor seizures) that do not respond to succinimide drugs.

The efficacy of rivotril 2mg clonazepam roche for long-term use (>9 weeks) has not been systematically studied in controlled clinical trials. Therefore, physicians who choose to use clonazepam long-term should periodically reevaluate the long-term benefit of the drug for individual patients.


Rivotril clonazepam has pharmacological effects common to benzodiazepines, including anticonvulsant, sedative, muscle relaxant, and anxiolytic effects. The major effects of benzodiazepines result from the potentiation of GABAergic neurotransmission at inhibitory synapses. In the presence of benzodiazepines, the affinity of GABA receptors for neurotransmitters is increased via positive allosteric modulation, increasing the action of released GABA on chloride ion fluxes in the postsynaptic membrane and rivotril 2mg price.

There is also animal data indicating that clonazepam acts on serotonin. Animal data and EEG studies in humans have shown that clonazepam rapidly suppresses many types of seizure-like activity, including spikes and burst waves, slow spike waves, generalized spike waves, spikes involving the temporal area and elsewhere, and spikes and irregular waves in the absence of seizures (micro seizures). In addition, generalized EEG abnormalities are more regularly suppressed than localized abnormalities. rivotril 2 mg These findings indicate that clonazepam exerts beneficial effects in generalized and focal epilepsy.


Do not use in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines or with evidence of clinically or biochemically significant hepatic disease. It may be used in patients with open-angle glaucoma who receive appropriate treatment but is contraindicated in acute narrow-angle glaucoma.

Side Effects.

The most frequent side effect of clonazepam is central nervous system depression. In our experience treating seizures, about 50% of patients experienced drowsiness and about 30% experienced ataxia. In some cases, this may decrease over time. Behavioral problems have been observed in about 25% of patients. Abnormal eye movements, aphonia, coma, tremor, dizziness, confusion, depression, amnesia, hallucinations, hysteria, hyper sexuality, insomnia, psychosis, and palpitations may occur.

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy: Preclinical studies do not suggest that clonazepam may cause congenital disabilities. Epidemiologic evaluations have demonstrated that anticonvulsants act as teratogens. 

However, it is difficult to determine from published epidemiologic reports which drug or combination of drugs is responsible for the defects in newborns. It is also possible that other factors, such as genetic factors or the status epilepticus itself, are more important than drug therapy in developing congenital disabilities. 

In these situations, the drug should be administered to a pregnant woman only if the potential benefit outweighs the risk to the fetus. Clonazepam may be administered during pregnancy only when there is a satisfactory indication.

High doses given at the end of pregnancy or during labor may disrupt the fetal heartbeat and cause hypotension, respiratory depression, and meal feeding in the newborn. 

It should be kept in mind that both the pregnancy itself and the abrupt discontinuation of the medication can cause exacerbations of epilepsy. In addition, withdrawal symptoms in neonates have occasionally been reported with benzodiazepines.

Nursing mothers: Although the active ingredient in clonazepam is transferred only in small amounts to breast milk, mothers treated with this drug should not breastfeed. Breastfeeding should be discontinued if there is a compelling indication for clonazepam.