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Though anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses are serious, doctors usually suggest psychotherapy and other therapy. Along with therapy and regular medications, a few over the counter anxiety medications can help you reduce your mental disturbance.

Those are supplements that improve other health conditions too. Though it is not toxic or harmful to your mental and physical health, it’s better to do a checkup before taking any over the counter anxiety medications attacks.

Among the OTC medicines, magnesium, omega 3, lavender, chamomile, and L-theanine are mostly used. Those medicines are natural so that the side effects might be less, but still take permission before having them.


What is anxiety? 

Anxiety attacks are a major type of mental disorder that include dizziness, nervousness, panic attacks, fear of failure, insomnia, a fast heartbeat, sweating, and dramatic changes in behaviour. There are ways of treating it; the main treatments are medications and therapies.


Over the counter anxiety medications attacks:

We have mentioned earlier that, medications are one of the best for treatments. Among them, natural medications are more effective. Over the counter anxiety medications for anxiety attacks previously. Basically, the foods and fruits we regularly take, are natural medicines. It will help us internally.  Now we will briefly discuss them.


We all need fuel for our cars, in the same way, we need vitamins and minerals for our health. Magnesium plays a very vital role in our bodies. You will get magnesium in vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Especially in whole grains, there is plenty of magnesium. Magnesium, the first over the counter anxiety medications attacks, supports one’s cells and helps to improve mood and control emotion.

If you lack magnesium, you might have anxiety attacks and mood swings. Experts believe that magnesium can help patients control their emotions and recover from anxiety attacks. But you must respect the limit; do not cross the dose limit; an overdose might create other issues.


Omega -3 

Do you know that fatty acids (Omega 3) are really helpful for everyone’s mental and physical health? You will get the Omega in seafood, fish, seeds, nuts, eggs, and milk. It is healthy and tasty as well, but just like the other foods, one must take it in moderation, though it is not harmful. This is one of the strong foods and medicines for a normal person as well as a patient. 

The side effects are mild, like bad breath, stomach ache, a slight headache and a few more. One of the powerful over the counter anxiety medications is really helpful to reduce anxiety attacks and inflammation. You can take Omega 3 regularly, Every age of people be it normal or be it sick should take a certain amount of Omega 3 regularly. 



We all love the smell of lavender. It is so refreshing. Isn’t it? The interesting fact is that this is one of the most powerful over the counter anxiety medications attacks and has been used since ancient times. It helps to reduce depression and anxiety and refresh one’s mind.

The mild fragrance heals a person from the inside; people feel calm and relaxed after taking aromatherapy. People might use lavender aromatherapy, and a few take it orally. Both ways work equally. It helps to relax the nerves and muscles, as well as recover from insomnia and dizziness, minor symptoms, and anxiety and depression attacks. 




The herbal plants and leaves usually help a person internally. It actually works better than allopathy or high-power medicines. Like lavender, Ashwagandha has also been used for a long time. It is a form of a shrub plant, mainly found in the Indian Subcontinent and North Africa.

The saints, the locals, and the holy normally use those plants and remedies to treat the people. It works better than any other powerful medicine. Basically, all of those plants and shrubs are really effective, as everything is natural and there are no chemicals. So, the patients can recover from the inside. It does not have any kind of side effect. It, the over the counter anxiety medications will help to recover from anxiety, depression and other mental and physical disorders. 



The next and last topic about the over the counter anxiety medications attacks is chamomile. There are lots of such remedies and natural medicines, but we are discussing the major 5. Chamomile is an essential oil, it is also extracted from plants as well. People usually take it in the form of Tea. It calms one’s nerves down and reduces chronic disorders like depression and anxiety. Though further study is needed to know about its other benefits, still you can use it as it doesn’t have any side effects.


We have tried to give you a brief idea about the herbal, over the counter anxiety medications that are really effective than any other medicines. It has low side effects yet is effective for anxiety disorders patients. Aromatherapy or taking orally those medicines will heal gradually. But one must take it according to the prescription as an overdose of anything can harm the patient. Take the relevant therapy if needed, and take medicines be it herbal or allopathy.  The patient will recover from any kind of anxiety or mental disorder over time. Do not hurry to get recover and believe in yourself.