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Panic Attack

Thanks to campaigns and programs, people take mental health issues seriously daily. Earlier, people were admitted to mental hospitals where they would go through mental problems and treatments that would worsen a person’s condition until they could not take it anymore. Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, etc., could go unnoticed. Society ridicules those who raise such issues as “trivial” and tells the victims to “grow up in it.

But little is known about how much it affects the human spirit and capabilities. Eventually, more and more people failed in life and committed suicide, leading to the abuse of drugs such as heroin, opium, and cocaine, which are seriously damaging to mental and physical health.

Today, however, even minor emotional swings in people’s lives are taken seriously because they are brought to the surface by mental problems. Depression, anxiety, and panic disorders can be treated with medication or a psychiatrist, and people can lead normal lives. In addition, research in psychology and neuroscience has led to discovery of several diseases that can be easily treated.

But what causes these mental illnesses in the first place?

There are many possible causes, but the most common cause is stress. There is a slogan in the world, “Stress kills,” which is no joke; some people take their own lives to get relief from stress. Stress can be caused by work, relationships, family quarrels, and many other factors. Stress can cause loss of appetite, lack of sleep, imbalance of chemicals in the brain, and mental health problems such as depression, leading to feelings of unhappiness.

Panic attacks are one of the side effects of anxiety, but they are not entirely caused by anxiety. Panic attacks are one of the side effects of anxiety, but they are not solely caused by anxiety. However, panic attacks are especially bad because they strike at the worst possible time and can cause sleepless nights and skipping meals.

Anxiety and panic attacks can interfere with daily life. Yet, with the increased awareness of mental health issues, it is easy for family and friends to detect if you are suffering from such a condition. There are also opportunities to open up about your concerns, such as therapy or group therapy.

Not only that, but some medications can help stabilize you if anxiety is an obstacle to achieving something. Medications that can help with anxiety issues include clonazepam, Pinnix 1 mg, and Bunorfin 0.2 mg. These medications can help you overcome your anxiety, lead a normal life, and become a key part of society.

Symptoms of a panic attack

  • a racing heartbeat.
  • feeling faint, dizzy, or lightheaded.
  • Feeling that you’re losing control.
  • sweating, trembling, or shaking.
  • Shortness of breath or breathing very quickly.
  • A tingling in your fingers or lips.
  • Feeling sick (nausea


What do you do when some one have a panic attack

Stay calm. Don’t let the situation overwhelm you. Your unassuming behavior will set an example for your friends and let them know that everything is okay.

Stay close. The best thing you can do to help your friend cope with a panic attack is to be there for them so they can get through it. Most panic attacks calm down within 20-30 minutes.

Do your best to understand, affirm, and encourage. Ask what is causing your friend’s panic. This may help you step back and think about the situation more rationally.

Ask, “How many times have you heard that?

  • How many times have you done this?
  • What did you think was going to happen?
  • What happened?